Ongoing  development and implementation Project, on which beside the teachers and researchers participation, there is sizable involvement of   students doing their  final  diploma and master  dissertations,  is design   of  monitoring and control system for   wireless acquisition of up to 50 readings of load cells     (dynamometers ) , hooked up to the OHL  ( overhead lines ) Tower, under test.  This is real time application for High voltage tower testing station at IMRK - Energoinvest  Laboratory in Sarajevo, Bosnia. 

 HMI and SCADA functions are based on Indusoft  Web design Studio ( IWS ) with extensions including web services and .NET technology, to provide thin and smart client  Web based access to ongoing experiments by all parties involved in the experiments. The  Client who is ordering the testing, can  witness the  testing experiments from his home location, without the need to travel and physically attend the testing site, as well as tower constructor.

Additional challenge for system implementation is  integration of up to 50 wireless load cells that are sending tension force measurements to individual hand held indicators and in the same time to central radio receiver unit connected to PC running HMI/SCADA software system. The required number and frequency of data acquisition in an environment cluttered with metal structures, is posing serious problems on RF subsystem design, and selected  protocols in data exchange between central radio receiver and PC computer.

One of the screen available for Operators looks  like :






Update 02.12.2006