Goals to be achieved

 Increasing visibility across the supply chain and utilizing advanced planning will transform islands of process and business data into valuable, collaborative information. Information Management products enable process organizations to share valuable knowledge with all stakeholders, facilitate and manage important data transformation tasks systematically and efficiently, and provide a common database and interface for that data.

 Supply Chain Management applications enable faster decision-making by making relevant knowledge easily accessible across the entire supply chain. A suite of Internet-enabled Supply Chain Management applications dynamically models the supply chain and improves profitability through measurable cost reductions and process optimization.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products integrate ERP systems, such is for example  SAP system, with Honeywell’s Experion™ Process Knowledge System (PKS). This establishes a robust, bi-directional integration link to ERP systems to synchronize enterprise business systems, as is order entry and fiscal accounting, with process plant operations

The valuable information derived from the knowledge-intense calculations is crucial for every successful industrial operation in order to improve operation efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, optimize business profits, and conform to regulatory requirements. These tools facilitate organization teamwork and collaboration through its common set of data and shareable calculation capabilities. The solution is easy to learn and can be deployed quickly. Productivity and decision-making are improved with real-time collaboration and efficient troubleshooting and data reconciliation.

Advanced Formula Manager (AFM) and BizCalc Manager (BCM) are  additional tools offered to address the different data calculation requirements of a process organization. Both calculation solutions are tailored to meet different use cases of process facilities, and are designed to facilitate and manage the important data transformation .

AFM and BCM ensure timely calculation and organization of scattered process data into insightful information via an automatic scheduling and central management infrastructure. As an additional component to Process History Database (PHD), these calculation solutions provide the user with a streamlined process for distributing calculation results and sharing underlying assumptions and logics in reusable, reliable and traceable fashion.

Advanced Formula Manager transforms disparate data into meaningful information by providing a user-friendly environment for building, managing, and scheduling large numbers of complex process engineering calculations. The solution is ideal for calculation and logic applications that need easy historical and near-real time data access, high execution frequency and flexible programming capability.

Good example of such an implementation is Honeywell Workcenter: a configurable, Web Services-based work center that transforms islands of process and business data into valuable, collaborative information. It enables process organizations to share valuable information with all stakeholders of the organization and promotes collaboration to achieve key business objectives. Workcenter integrates its business process integration expertise with the Experion™ Process Knowledge System (PKS) architecture, allowing facilities to easily manage vast amounts of process information.

Workcenter provides process organizations unsurpassed visibility and secure interaction with their process and business data through a configurable Web Services framework. It embraces and delivers the  dream of all process and business databases integrators,  collaborative enabling strategy—providing the latest Microsoft.NET technologies that connect process operations to the value chain, and link production facilities to business decision-makers.

Using Workcenter, employees at all levels are empowered with immediate access to relevant information to facilitate collaborative decision-making and teamwork across the value chain. It delivers a highly dynamic Web Services experience that increases operational effectiveness and productivity at all levels of the complex organization.

Design work in progress for interconnection and integration of process and business networks and databases in real-time for one Refinery products truck and pipeline loading station, with on-line processing of loaded quantities of products and issuing of the Bills and Invoices for the Customers, with complete financial transaction processing and Orders and deliveries follow-ups is depicted on the following Figure:


Development  and testing of the software for such a complex  application is requiring setup of  sophisticated  Network and Internet wide  integrated development environment ( IDE ) that shall enable online interactive and concurrent  participation of all Project teams developers, developing and testing their software modules, as well as active and online participation of the Customer to give along the whole design work his remarks and suggestions ( combining agile programming and cloud computing techniques).

The following figure depicts the topology  of such an IDE  with data flow paths and software modules  creating  all necessary hardware and software means and tools to enable up to 6 remotely located and Internet connected developing teams, to concurrently and interactively work on their modules, in both isolated and, after thorough testing,  in integrated with other modules to test their interplay and functional  correctness at  the whole Project level. Owing to Internet broadband connections to central Server at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, these 6 concurrent Project participants are spread all over the Globe from Japan to Austria, Bosnia and the End User in one Refinery in Libya.


   For Project follow-up and current status go to following link :

                SCADA/HMI system


Update 08.06.2009