Research interest  is concerned with real life engineering  systems whose time-dependent  and nonlinear behaviour is an important aspect of their performance. Research and experimental work cover a variety of topics that are relevant to the modeling, analysis, design, control, simulation, and experimental testing of such systems. Systems from native  engineering disciplines are   considered, most notably electrical  and electromechanical systems, because they often constitute parts of systems that have significant electrical and mechanical  components as well as hybrid electromechanical ones . Much of the experimental work is  on building  linear or nonlinear  time-invariant differential equation models and on analysis, design, and simulation techniques related to such models. A significant emphasis is on  nonlinear systems with combined system modeling , simulation in MATLAB and SIMULINK and  experimental testing and verification on pilot plants available  as test units within Faculty Labs, or with real plant data ( gas and steam turbine and generator set speed and load control, Woodward governors, load sharing and frequency control).





Update 16.06.2004