Name:               Novica Nosovic
Address:           Himze Polovine 33, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date of Birth:    March 12th, 1958
Place of Birth:   Slavonska Pozega, Republic of Croatia
Nationality:       Croatian and Bosnian
Gender:            Male
Martial Status:  Married, one child


1996-1997 - University of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, Faculty of Electrotechnics and Computer Science, Postgraduate studies - Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1997. Ph.D. thesis from the field of formal verification of VLSI design.

1981-1983 - University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Postgraduate studies - M.Sc. Electrical Engineering in 1986. M.Sc. thesis - design of the automatic test equipment based on personal computer.

1976-1981 University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunications - B.Sc.E.E. (Telecommunications) in 1981. Graduate work in the field of high frequency vacuum tubes.

1972-1976 - Secondary School, Sarajevo
1966-1972 - Primary School, Sarajevo
1964-1966 - Primary School, Slavonska Pozega


1. Design and test engineering for digital computers and computer systems. (1981 till 1988)
- Designed and introduced most of automatic test equipment in digital electronics production line for computers, real-time process interfaces and telephone exchanges. Among others, APPLE-II and IBM-PC based digital logic board testers.
- Two times money-awarded for innovative work ("technical improvements").

2. Computer systems integrator for minicomputers and IBM-PC compatible systems (1988 till 1993)
- Experience with SCO UNIX and MS-DOS on various PC-based systems,
- SysV68 on various Motorola minicomputer systems (more then 40 installations in former Yugoslavia)
- DEC ULTRIX on DECsystem Series 5000 (2 installations during the war in BH).
- Worked with Intel and Motorola families of microprocessors and peripherals, assemblers and high level languages, Q-bus, VME-bus, PC-AT-bus and MicroChannel based systems.

3. Digital hardware design of various controllers and subassemblies (1990 till 1993)
- Designed synchronous communication controller for IBM-PC AT,
- intelligent synchronous communication controller for LSI-11 (Q-bus),
- intelligent Ethernet controller board based on MC68020 microprocessor, for VME-bus,
- PC-based public telephone box controller
- PC-based universal cable and harness tester … and more.

4. Local area network integration for various systems including PCTCP/IP, TCP/IP, LAT, DECNet and NOVEL NETWARE. (1990 till 1994
- System integrator and LAN administrator for the Information system in University Clinical Center - Sarajevo (during the war in B&H),.

5. Hardware/Software maintenance of computer systems and LAN installations (from single-user machines to multi-user ones (up to 50 terminals)) (1990 till 1992)

6. Maintenance of highly sophisticated medical electronic equipment.(1992 till 1995)
- During the war in BH, repaired and calibrated medical electronic equipment for pneumology, radiology, anesthesiology and general practice in the University Clinical Center - Sarajevo.

7. Computer system integration, installation and maintenance (1994 till 2003)
- During the war in BH, and in post-war period, set up the computer system for UNPROFOR, UNMIBH, UNESCO, UNDP, British Council, IMG and some other international organizations in Sarajevo. Software and hardware maintenance, networking and network administration.

8. Principal system design, installation and administration of Internet and intranet installations
- from 1999 till present - national ITTAG expert for European Environment Agency, and technical focal point in BH for EIONET CIRCLE national web-portal for environmental protection ( The system is based on SUN/Solaris technology and EU funded groupware and collaboration software,
- from 2001 till 2003 -  IT manager at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo (ETF). Installed and maintained/administered the system based on IBM/Linux infrastructure with Lotus/Domino administrative groupware environment.

9. Member of the "Global Leaders for Tomorrow" BH national group at the Annual World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland 1998.

10. From 2002 till present, Regional and Local Cisco Networking Academy (CNA) Manager at ETF
- The main contact person and coordinator on behalf of ETF-Sarajevo. The project realized in cooperation with Cisco Office in Belgrade, ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Geneve and UNDP office in Sarajevo

11. European Union - Tempus project No. 16110-2001
- 3 years project (2002-2005) on Computer Science curricula restructuring and development at the high education level in accordance with Bologna Declaration, the main coordinator at the ETF-Sarajevo. BH partners from universities in Banja Luka, Tuzla and Mostar, international partners from University of Paderborn and Fraunhofer Institute in Kaiserslautern (Germany) and University of Lleida (Spain).
- Center of Excellence in Computer Science at ETF-Sarajevo, coordinator and chief scientist from the area of Field Programmable Gate Array design and computer systems based on Open Source software

12. UNDP BH Office - ICT Forum 2002
- Member of the expert team in charge for ICT development strategy and policy for Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Moderator of The Round Table on Internetization and Informatization of BH,
- With a group of experts and consultants, wrote the report on the abovementioned topics and attended several public and expert debates including radio-broadcasted contact programs at various radio stations throughout BH

13. BHITS (Bosnia and Herzegovina Information Technology Society), founder and president from 2003 till present

14. DAAD Project "Joint Course on Software Engineering" coordinated by Humboldt University in Berlin, with several partners from CS departments from Southeastern Europe (2003 till present) - representative and coordinator for ETF Sarajevo.

Trained in Windows NT Server administration, UNIX, JAVA and a number of system and application software packages.
Programming skills - among other, wrote 3000 line - C code digital design verification simulator for my Ph.D. thesis.


1987 - present: Faculty of electrical Engineering -University of Sarajevo - Department of Informatics and Computer Science and Department of Telecommunications

Positions held: Head of Department for Computing and Information Systems (1999-2001), Associate Professor (2003 - present), Assistant Professor (1998-2003), Lecturer (1993-1998), Research/Teaching assistant (1987-1993)

Type of work: Teaching assistant, lecturer and professor at the "Digital Computers" and "Computer Architectures" courses on both undergraduate and graduate levels. Researcher on various related projects.

1992-1994: University Clinical Center - Sarajevo, Computer system integrator and LAN administrator

1981 - 1993: ENERGOINVEST IRIS - Institute for Computers and Information Systems - SARAJEVO

- Head of HW R&D Dept. 1989-1992
- Leading HW specialist in Computer systems Dept. 1986-1989
- Production technology supervisor 1985-1986
- Leading test engineer 1983-1985
- Production line test engineer 1981-1983


Mother tongue: Serbo-Croatian
Other languages: English (fluently speak and write)

VI MEMBERSHIP    IEEE (Computer Society), ACM and BHITS