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Zikrija Avdagic received the BSc., MSc. and DSc. degrees from the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1977, 1986, and 1997 respectively. He conducted research related to doctorial thesis Method for Real Time Knowledge Based Modeling and applied it to elevator model at Universitaet Sttutgart, Institut fuer Automatisierungs und Softwaretechik in 1995 as DAAD scholarship holder.

From 1982 to 1994 he was with Energoinvest Institute for Automation and Computer Sciences - IRCA, directing development of real time algorithms and design techniques applied to ship control systems.He joined the Faculty of Electrical Engineering as Assistant Professor in 1987 teaching undergraduate courses on Real Time Computer Systems, Digital Control Systems, Artificial Intelligence&Expert Systems, and from 2000 teaching graduate courses on methods in Applied Artificial Intelligence, and Management of Networked Systems.

Today, he is professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department for Computing and Informatics and lectures at BSc, MSc, and DSc studies covering field on Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics. The focus of his research are methods, and algorithms dealing with Fuzzy Computing, Neural Network Computing, Evolutionary Computation, Biomedical Engineering and Real Time Systems.

In cooperation with fellow colleagues throughout world's universities (UNCC Charlotte-U.S., Erlangen-Nuernberg-BDR , Paderborn-BDR, Bristol-UK), Dr. Avdagic has realized projects with results published in Proceedings, Journals and Books related to index databases ( IEEE-Explorer, Inspec, Ebesco, Mathscinet, ACM Digital Library and Eurographics). Paper entitled Design of Artificial Neural network Controller Based on Adaptible Parameters Evolutionary Algorithms was published in International Scientific Book-DAAAM 2005.

Dr. Avdagic is a reciepient of numerous awards including WUS and DAAD programs, SOROS and UNESCO-foundation. In 2002 he was awarded the Fulbright Stipend for research in Genetic Algorithms in Solving Complex Engineering Problems. The scientific papers: (presented at EMCSR symposiums Vienna 2004 and 2006) (1)Performance of Genetic Algorithm with Adaptive Mutation Probability Dependant on Fitness in Dynamic Environments and (2)Adaptive Mutation in Genetic Algorithm with Binary Coding received an award for the best work by Soft Computing and Knowledge Based Systems Sections.

At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Profesor Avdagic founded the Laboratory for Intelligent Control, Laboratory for Computer Sciences and Laboratory for Center of Exellence.
He is a member of IEEE-Computational Intelligence Society, IEEE-Systems, Man and Cybernetic Society, and Association for Computing Machinery. In 2007., Dr. Avdagic founded the IEEE-Chapter: Computational Intelligence under IEEE-BH Society.

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