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1. Agent Modeling for News Acquisition Using Aglets Platform, /BiH Language/
Candidate : Elvir Surkovic (finished)

2. Fonems Recognition at Continual Speeking as Subjects of Groups Using Hybrid Cascade LVQ-Elman Neural Network, /BiH Language/
Candidate : Adnan Nuhic (finished)

3. Fuzzy Model for Evaluation of City Plannig Quality in Development of Canton Sarajevo, /BiH Language/
Candidate : Jasna Pleho (finished)

4. Model of Fuzzy Logical Controller as virtual PI, PD i PID Controller, /BiH Language/
Candidate : Irida Varatoanoviĉ (finished)

5. Applaying of Fuzzy Logic in GIS Based on Multicriterial Decision,
Candidate : Almir Karabegoviĉ (finished)

6. Applaying of Genetic Algorithm in Optimization Model Based on Multicriterial Evaluation of Sites in Space Planning, /BiH Language/
Candidate : Mirza Ponjaviĉ (finished)

7. Fuzzy system modelling for evaluation of prostate cancer risk based on coevolutionay algorithm, /BiH Language/
Candidate : Samir Omanovic (finished)

8. Fuzzy model transformation to neural network with exploitation of fuzzy model learnig based on backpropagation algorithm, /BiH Language/
Candidate : Lejla Begic (finished)

9. Genetic algorithm based on adaptation of operators in function of better performance in feed forward neural networks, /BiH Language/
Candidate : Samim Konjicija (finished)

10. Integration of object oriented techniques in implementation of real time system algorithm, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Dusanka Boskovic (finished)

11. Autonomous vehicle guidance based on artificial neural networks, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Adnan Tahirovic (finished)

12. Parameters adjusting of control algorithms based on genetig algorithm, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Bakir Lacevic (finished)

13. Adaptive distribution of telephonic traffic resources in real time, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Zdenko Carapina (finished)

14. Expert system for detecting abnormal states in the real time system, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Emir Buza (finished)

15. A*-real time algorithm in multiagent environment, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Anita Zubac (finished)

16. Comparative analysis of concurrent process model in comparison with thread model in the given software application, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Aldin Lazovic (finished)

17. Quality improvement in telecommunication network management using benchmarking systems, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Samir Zildzo (finished)

18. Framework for expert system development based on hybrid inference machine, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Hazim Galvic (finished)

19. Algorithm for secundary protein structure prediction based on feed-forward artificial neural networks, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Elvir Purisevic (finished)

20. Interoperability of measurements in geodesy, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Dzanina Omicevic (finished)

21. Application of Genetic Algorithm in Optimisation of Transformation Model for Groundwork georeferencing in Geodesy, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Nedim Tuno

22. Application of Fuzzy Logic for Location Selection in Regulation Plan, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Jusuf Topoljak

23. Development of genetic algorithm based on mechanisms for automatic control and position probability of crossover and mutation adjusting, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Amir Smajlovic

24. Development of fuzzy algorithm for supporting of intelligent processes in Linux operating system, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Kenan Kalajdzic

25. Measuring of security web applications using fuzzy systems, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Bruno Trstenjak

26. Design of interface for control of spectrometry data features using hybrid genetic algorithms, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Sanela Konjicija

27. Supervision approach of distributed applications based on fuzzy ontologies and multiagent systems, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Almir Lipjankic

28. Application of fuzzy logic for credit risk model development , /BiH Language/
Candidate: Edina Sokolovic

29. Application of genetic algorithm in optimisation of consolidation mass during land consolidation, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Nedzad Pasalic

30. Model of the hierarchical stucture of fuzzy-neural system and design of interface for diabetes risk, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Zeljko Knok

31. Risk management in project development and implementation of IT services, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Sanin Kahvedzic

32. Modeling ANFIS controller for autonomous vehicle guidance with longitudinal movement, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Elvedin Cernica

33. Modeling ANFIS controller for damping of oscillations in a car seat with a semi-active damper, /BiH Language/
Candidate: Senad Cernica

Update 01.10.2012