Ph.D. - Mentor

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1. Development of the Multi-agent Software Architecture Based on the Integration of the Artificial Intelligence Methods and the Object Oriented Approach, /BiH Language/
Candidate : MSc Dusanka Boskovic

2. Development of Modified Pareto Based Genetic Algorithm for Solving Geospatial Multiobjectives Optimization Problems, /BiH Language/
Candidate : MSc Mirza Ponjavic (finished)

3. Evolutionaru Approach to Fiding a Solution of Dynamic Multicriterial Optimization in Process of Inference, /BiH Language/
Candidate : MSc Samim Konjicija (finished)

4. Automatic Speech animation of polygonal model with preprocessing based on artificial neural networks, /BiH Language/
Candidate : MSc Selma Rizvic (finished)

5. Equivalence of fuzzy functional and fuzzy multivalued dependencies with fuzzy logic, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Nedzad Dukic (finished)

6. Model of Spatial Objects Using Method of Fuzzy Clustering in Geospatial Analysis, /BiH Language/
Candidate : MSc Almir Karabegovic (finished)

7. Development of Algorithm for Distributed Image Processing in 3D Scanning Based on Laser Triangualtion, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Ingmar Besic

8. Modeling of Fuzzy Neural Systems Based on Coevolutionary Algorithm, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Samir Omanovic (finished)

9. Development of tools for hybrid-based artificial neurla networks for secundary structure prediction using non-homologous set of proteins, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Elvir Purisevic

10. Development of Data Mining Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Genetic Optimisation to Fuzzy Membership Functions of Associative rules, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Aleksandra Marincic

11. Modeling of Hybrid System Based on Neural Networks with Compettitive Learning and Fuzzy Knowledge Base for Invasion Detection into Computer Networks, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Admir Midzic

12. Development of Algorithm for ANFIS Genetic Optimisation in Identification of Multimodal Functions, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Lejla Begic-Fazlic

13. Design, implementation and distribution of 3D geospatial data for urban topographic applications , /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Slobodanka Knjucanin (finished)

14. Decision support system for spatial decision making using fuzzy GIS, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Jasna Pleho

15. A novel hybrid algorithm for protein structure preprocessing based on clustering method and fuzzy logic , /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Emir Buza

16. Model with enhaced dynamic of ant colony optimization process based on prediction neural networks, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Vedad Letic

17. Philogenetic reconsilation and redistribution , /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Damir Hasic

18. Genetic algorithm with dynamic change of selection operators, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Razija Turcinhodzic

19. Modelling of blood gases and electolytes using neuro-fuzzy logic, /BiH Language/
Candidate: MSc Emir Beganovic


Ph.D. - Co-Mentor

1. Geomechanical Features of Blidinje Synclinein in the Function of Geological Formation of the Area, /Croatia Language/
Candidate: MSc Maja Prskalo (finished)


Ph.D. - Reviewer

1. Neurodinamyc Programming and Consequence Driven Systems, /English Language/
Candidate: MSc Silva Petruseva

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