Book chapters:

Publisher - TDP Sarajevo, 2018, ISBN 978-9958-553-44-8

The book presents an overview of digital cultural heritage projects created by Sarajevo Graphics Group from 2005-2017

Publisher - TDP Sarajevo, 2017, ISBN 978-9958-553-38-7

The book covers updated Computer Graphics Course lessons (3rd year Computer Science Department, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Sarajevo))

Publisher - 5DCaDD Sarajevo, 2010, ISBN 978-9958-629-38-9

The book covers Numeric Graphics and Animation Course lessons (Masters Studies, Computer Science Department, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Sarajevo)

  • S. Rizvić, E. Kunovac – Računarska grafika

Publisher - Ministarstvo za obrazovanje, nauku, kulturi u sport Federacije BiH, Sarajevo, 1998, ISBN 9958-11-063-6

The book covers Computer Graphics Course lessons (3rd year Computer Science Department, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Sarajevo)

Information Systems and Management in Media and Entertainment Industries, Springer International Publishing, 2016

Digital Techniques for Documenting and Preserving Cultural Heritage, ARC Humanities Press, 2017



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