Sasa Mrdovic, PhD

Computer Science Department
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Security Technologies

Computer Networks

Advanced telecommunication protocols and next generation networks

Computer Networks Administration

Communication Protocols and Networks

Research Interest

Information Security

Computer Networks





Sasa Mrdovic "Sigurnost racunarskih sistema", Elektrothenicki fakultet Univerziteta u Sarajevu, ISBN: 978-9958-629-57-0, 2014.
(eng. Computer Systems Security) (PDF)


Sasa Mrdovic, "Metod otkrivanja upada zasnovan na analizi modela sadržaja paketa u računarskoj mreži", PhD Thesis, University of Sarajevo, School of Electrical Engineering, 2009. (PDF)

Sasa Mrdovic, "Izgradnja infrastrukture javnih kljuceva (PKI)", MSc Thesis, University of Sarajevo, School of Electrical Engineering, 2004 (PDF)


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2018 OSCE - Development of national cyber security strategy for B&H

2017 Save the Children / USAID - Enhancing and Advancing Basic Learning and Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ENABLE-BiH)

2017 Cantonal Ministry of Education, Sarajevo - Development of high school ICT curriculum

2014 - 2018 EU COST - Cryptanalysis of ubiquitous computing systems (CRYPTACUS)

2014 BH Post - Preparation of PKI project for issuance of qualified electronic certificates

2013 Ministry of Education, FBiH – Security analysis of user mobility in triple-play systems

2012 Ministry of Finance and Treasury BH – PIMIS (Public Investment Management Information System)

2012 TEMPUS – ESABIH (European Union standards for accreditation of study programmes on BH Universities)

2011 Central Election Commission BH – PKI design

2010 Central Bank of BH – Penetration test

2010 Microsoft & ETF Sarajevo - Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010 localisation

2010 EC – BH Presidency Informatisation

2010 EC - Final Acceptance Certificates for e-Government project

2009 Academy of Sciences and Art – Application of cryptographic approach for automatic identification of intrusion detection

2009 HJPC - Better Coordination Mechanisms between Police and Prosecutors

2008 - 2009 FP7 – IDIST2011

2008 EC Cards - Information Systems in the Police Services of BiH

2007 - 2008 FP7 - IDEAL-IST7FP

2007 Microsoft & ETF Sarajevo - Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 localisation

2006 - 2007 FP6 - IDEAL-IST

2005 - 2006 FP6 - SEEREN2

2005 - 2006 FP6 - SEE-GRID

2005 - 2006 FP6 - ERA West Balkan

2005 - FP6 - SEE-ERA.NET

2005 - 2006 ANUBiH - Research Information System FBiH